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RO membrane casting machine

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The casting machine is a special equipment designed and manufactured for the RO microporous support base film casting. The main function of the casting machine is to complete the RO microporous support base film casting process by phase inversion on the surface of the polyester nonwoven fabric having a width of 1.067 meters. The production process of its products consists of the following parts:
Unwinding → coating → gel → rinsing → winding
The machine uses computer central control. Configuration PLC, integrated man-machine interface, operation and control of the whole machine, including: speed, tension control, online detection, online help, alarm processing and production parameter storage, etc., operation is intuitive and convenient; for unwinding, pulling, painting Multi-point drive and multi-stage tension for application, gel, rinsing, traction, winding, etc. The unit realizes tension taper (decrease) winding, ensuring the quality of winding and avoiding crushing; using high-precision guide roller to ensure the product is free from scratches.
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Basic parameters
Substrate Name Nonwoven Fabric
Substrate Width 1067mm
paint name (user fill in)
Coated areal density (according to customer specifications)
Coating solids content (according to customer specifications)
Viscosity (according to customer specifications)
Temperature Room Temperature
machine parameters
Retracting the winding path ≤800mm
Coating method straight coating, slit extrusion
effective coating area width 800-1057 mm
Scratch film accuracy ±0.005mm
Maximum width of film coating 1100mm
Maximum speed of the machine 25m/min
Coating speed 2-20m/min
tension ≤100N/m; control accuracy ± 2.5%
Power 380 V x 50 Hz, 3-phase (control power 220 V x 50 Hz, single phase), grounding resistance: ≤5Ω< /span>
Compressed air supply 0.5 MPa (dry air) flow: 500L/min (user-owned)