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RO film composite (coating) machine

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The machine is a special experimental equipment designed and manufactured by film casting & mdash; polyamide layer coating; the introduction of foreign similar product technology, using computer central control. Configuration PLC, integrated man-machine interface, operation and control of the whole machine, including: speed, tension control, online detection, online help, alarm processing and production parameter storage, etc., intuitive and convenient operation; multi-point drive and multi-stage tension Dynamic synchronization control. The unit realizes the tension taper (decrease) winding, ensures the winding quality and avoids crushing; adopts high-precision guide roller to ensure the product is free from scratches; the drying system is specially designed according to the drying mechanism —— hot air floating type Combined drying tunnel, thorough drying and high efficiency.
● The touch screen displays various operating parameters in real time, enabling the operator to synchronize the various parameters of the machine.
● Multi-stage tension control of the whole machine, servo motor drive, run by PLC control system, with stability unmatched by traditional control system.
● The rewinding and unwinding rolls are designed with a double station.
● The drying system is equipped with a closed drying oven, which has a secondary return air structure and is energy efficient.
● Each traction roller, pressure roller and system are controlled by pneumatic components with high automation.
● All kinds of guide rollers, gears, bearings, electrical components and pneumatic components are high-quality products (domestic brand products, some homemade).
● The number of oven groups can be increased according to customer requirements; the number of water tank groups.
The production process of the product consists of the following parts (required for the user):
Unwinding → A liquid immersion coating → volatilization & rarr; B liquid slit extrusion coating & rarr; drying evaporation → neutral → rinsing → protection → drying & rarr; It consists of a transmission system, an electrical control system, and a pneumatic system.
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Disposal Department 1 group
Front traction 1 group
A liquid dip coating unit 1 group
B-slot extrusion coating unit 1 group
Drying oven 2 groups
Water Tank System 1 set
Electrical System 1 Set
Tension Control System 1 set
Winding System 1 set
Basic parameters
Substrate Name Polyester Nonwovens
Substrate thickness 30~100 micron
Substrate Width 800-1050mm
Device Specifications
Water coating method double-sided dip coating
Effective coating width 1100mm
Oil phase coating method Single-side dip coating or slit extrusion
Effective coating width 1050mm
Maximum mechanical speed 22m/min (adjustable)
Work coating speed 0.5-20m/min (speed is related to the coated product material, coating formulation, process
Tension range 5-100N
Roll core and assembly form 3″, inflation shaft expansion
Maximum diameter for winding and unwinding Ф800mm
Oven, tank heating form Electric heating, heat transfer oil, steam, natural gas
Power 380 V x 50 Hz, 3-phase (control power 220 V x 50 Hz, single phase), grounding resistance ≤5Ω
Air source Pressure & ge; 0.7Mpa; Static; (user-owned)