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HRTB-E Multifunctional (Double-Sided) Coating Machine

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HRTB-E a powerful coating and laminating platform for offset plates making.

PLC control system features for full production and quality control. Accurate tension control is designed for each section of the platform and driven by servo motor and variable frequency motor.

Touch screen displays comprehensive operating parameters in real time, enabling the operator to have a synchronous monitor and control of machine performance.

Unwinders features single-station design, and other winders features double-station conversion.

Closed dryer ensures efficiency and excellent drying profile consistency.

All pull rolls, press rolls and systems are controlled by pneumatic components,which makes powerful automation architecture.

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Basic parameters
Substrate PET 
Substrate Thickness: 1.5μm
Substrate Web Width: 650-970mm
Top Material: Cotton Paper
Surface material weight and thickness Paper: 35-50 microns
Top Material Web Width: 650-980mm
Coating Material: Glue And Silicon Oil
Coating Density: 5-20g/㎡ (Wet Weight)
Coating Material Solid Content: Glue (5%-10%); Silicon Oil 5%
Glue Viscosity 5-100 mPa.s
Coating Mode: Options of Slot die coating, Micro-concave coating and Blade coating 
Coating Roller Length: 1100mm
Effective coating width 650-960
Speed 150m/min
Coating Speed 5-120 m/min
Heating Method: Options of thermal oil, steam, electricity, natural gas with optional energy saving system
Compressed air source 0.5 MPa (dry air), flow rate: 500L/min (user care)

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