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GFH-M High-velocity Auto-shank Complex Machine

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Unwinding department: including the first unwinding, the second unwinding without shaft air top + the air-expansion shaft supporting material roll, quick replacement, uniform supporting force, accurate centering; high speed non-stop refueling, saving time, reliable exchange; synchronization Refueling, stable tension, low scrap rate; automatic reversing of the turret, unlocking function in case of emergency; with EPC to ensure the edge of the double unwinding is neat.

Coating part: quantitative transfer glue amount, reticulated coating; scraper three-direction adjustment; separate drive control; swing arm type pneumatic pressure roller.

Gluing device: continuous driving separately; surface line contact with glue, large speed difference glue device.

Oven part: the secondary return air uses energy saving; the three-stage temperature zone, automatic constant temperature control, is favorable for solvent evaporation; the front exhaust gas discharges the solvent which is initially volatilized, and the exhaust gas does not participate in the secondary cycle to ensure safety.

The composite device: the high-pressure combined force three-roller design ensures that the pressing force is uniform on the whole surface; the pressure of the pneumatic clutch mechanism of the double-pressing roller is adjustable and the clutch is at the same time; the temperature of the hot roller is controlled by the heating oil circulation system.  

Preheating section: The active preheating roller ensures that the composite film is composited at the same temperature as the substrate, and does not curl due to cooling.

Cooling section: forced water cooling cycle.

Winding Department: Safety chuck + air expansion shaft support material roll, quick replacement, uniform support, accurate centering; high speed non-stop change, saving time and reliable material.

Lighting system: full safety explosion-proof design.

Tension system: The five-stage tension control of the whole machine, the whole machine closed-loop control system is imported, and the control is accurate and reliable.

Static elimination system: self-discharge static eliminator.

Heating mode selection: heat transfer oil, steam, electricity, natural gas optional; energy-saving system.

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Composite Materials Reel Film Materials for Plastic Film, Aluminum Foil, Paper, etc.
Composite Layers Layer 2
Composite Width 850, 1050, 1200, 1500mm
Mechanical speed 220m/min
Unwinding diameter Ф600mm
Retractable diameter Ф800mm