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JP-1300 High-velocity Auto-shank Inspection Machine

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The electrical control system adopts PLC centralized control, and the human-machine dialogue is performed by the touch screen. Set and display working parameters according to different product requirements.

Tension adopts Japanese Mitsubishi (PLC) tension control system.

The raw material base adopts (winding and unwinding) shaftless feeding, and the inner diameter of the paper tube is 3 inches and 6 inches;

Unwinding automatically corrects the deviation.

The rewinding and unwinding adopts hydraulic lifting; the dynamic multi-function hydraulic adjusts the discharging/receiving width and moves left and right.

The reeling adopts a pneumatic pressure roller mechanism to make the finished product tension more suitable and the end surface of the reel more tidy.

Three-head automatic sync strobe.

The drive is driven synchronously by a three-axis AC servo motor and can work in both forward and reverse directions.

The fixed-point memory stop function can quickly reverse to the detected defect position.

Active static elimination device.

Automatic meter.

High-grade pneumatic receiving platform.

The whole machine adopts high-grade heavy-duty frame.

Optional: Camera Auto Review System

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Substrate Continuous rewinding and inspection of film and composite film 12-300 μm/multiple roll film materials
Substrate width 600-1250mm (guide roll 1300mm)
Maximum diameter of discharge φ800mm unwinding load capacity 600kg
Maximum diameter of receipts φ800mm winding section load 600kg
Inner Cartridge 3"; 6"
Mechanical maximum speed 300m/min
Strobe Auto Check 300m/min
Automatic inspection work speed 20-200m/min (when printing defect inspection device)
Drive Motor Power 4kw
Receiving/unwinding motor power 5.5kw
Tension range 3-30KG/full size
Total power 18kw
Air Source 6kg/cm 50NL/min
Machine weight 4500kg
Machine Size 3600× 2400× 2200 (long & times; width & times; high) mm