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JNFD-420V High-speed Centre-Press Seal/ Four-Side-Seal Pouch-Making Machine

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420V is designed for the production of T shape pouch and standing pouch with high packaging standards for packing light and heavy products. Main processed materials are various laminated films.

PLC control system features for full production and quality control. Touch screen displays comprehensive operating parameters in real time and make the system easy to control, enabling the operator to have a synchronous monitor and control of all machine performance aspects. Customized interface to meet client requirements.

Autoalarm system for machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis: system monitors unwinding tension, middle traction tension, colour batch missing, temperature limitation, etc

Film feed mechanism: AC servo motor drive system

Unwinding unit: variable frequency speed control system with PLC control

Al-powerful design: multi-functional punching system, static elimination device, edge trim winder and Punch trash collector 

Optional: rolling type sealer (vertical drive) or lift-pull type (horizonal drive) for extra long film feed

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Model JNFD-400V
Roll size Diameter:Ф600mm Max width:840mm
Pouch Making Capacity 180bags/min(≈45m/min)
Pouch Type and Method Tshape bag Standing bag
↓Material Running Direction ↓Material Running Direction
G: Gusset fold width   10~80mm
L:Pouch Length Max 500mm, Double Feed Unit To Be Used For Extra Long Pouch
W:Pouch Width 55~420mm
S1:Bottom Seal 5~50mm
S2:Side Seal 8~15mm
S3:Gusset seal width   5~7mm
Power 25Kw
Compressed Air Required 0.6Mpa(6kgf/cm²)
Cooling Water Required `10L/min
Weight 3800kg
Overall Dimensions 11000×1500×1700mm L×W×H

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