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The equipment is suitable for multi-function automatic high-speed bag making machine with high standard requirements of composite film such as three-side sealing bag, self-standing bag and zipper bag.

Suitable for a variety of composite films.

Suitable for avarious laminated films. 

The electrical control system adopts PLC centralized control, and the human-machine dialogue is performed by the touch screen. Set and display working parameters according to different product requirements.

Automatic alarms such as unwinding tension, middle traction tension, color code loss, and temperature overrun.

Controlled by AC four servo system.

The unwinding tension adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC centralized control.

It has the functions of multi-function punching, automatic cutting of edge material removal, static elimination and so on.  

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Project WFD-600BLSC
Coil size Diameter: Ф600mm Maximum width: 1240mm
Bag making speed 150 segments/min (≈ 36m/min) 100 segments/min (≈ 25m/min)
Bag variety, method, size Three-side sealing vertical bag Three-side sealing horizontal bag Stand-up bag / zipper bag
↓ direction of the feed ↓ direction of the feed ↓ direction of the feed
L: bag length Up to 500mm, extra long use to send 50~600mm, 1~5 rows arranged 120~270mm, 1~2 rows arranged
W: bag width 75~600mm, 1~5 rows arranged Up to 500mm 60~250mm
S1: bottom seal Up to 80mm 25mm maximum 25mm maximum
S2: Edge seal 25mm maximum 40mm maximum 45mm maximum
Total power 51Kw
Gas source 0.6Mpa (6kgf/cm²)
Cooling water 15L/min
Machine weight 7000kg
Dimensions 11600× 2400× 1900mm L× W× H