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JNFD-600BLSC Superior Three-Side-Seal Pouch-Making Machine (Three-Side-Seal/Standing Pouch/Pouch With Zipper)

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JNFD-600BLSC Superior Three-Side-Seal Pouch-Making Machine is an multifunctional platform designed for the production of three-Side-Seal Pouch, standing Pouch and Pouch With Zipper。

•    Main processed material: various laminated film
•    PLC control system features for full production and quality control. Touch screen displays comprehensive operating parameters in real time and make the system easy to control, enabling the operator to have a synchronous monitor and control of all machine performance aspects. Customized interface to meet client requirements.
•    Autoalarm system for machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis: system monitors unwinding tension, middle traction tension, colour batch missing, temperature limitation, etc
•    Film feed mechanism: AC servo motor drive system
•    Unwinding unit: variable frequency speed control system with PLC control
•    Al-powerful design: multi-functional punching system, static elimination device, edge trim winder and Punch trash collector 

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Model WFD-600BLSC
Roll Size 直径:Ф600mm 最大宽度:1240mm
Pouch Making Capacity 150段/min(≈36m/min) 100段/min(≈25m/min)
Pouch Type and Method 三边封纵向制袋 三边封横向制袋 自立袋/拉链袋
↓走料方向 ↓走料方向 ↓走料方向
L:Pouch Length 最大500mm,超长用倍送 50~600mm,1~5行排列 120~270mm,1~2行排列
W: Pouch Width 75~600mm,1~5行排列 最大500mm 60~250mm
S1:Bottom Seal 最大80mm 最大25mm 最大25mm
S2: Side Seal 最大25mm 最大40mm 最大45mm
Power 51Kw
气源 0.6Mpa(6kgf/cm²)
冷却水 15L/min
机器重量 7000kg
外形尺寸 11600×2400×1900mm L×W×H