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Water Treatment Production Line (Casting and Coating)

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Water Treatment Production Line brings the convenience of Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane casting and coating into one compact package with an all-in-one machine. This production line is also feasible for the production of Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltrration (NF) membrane,Microfiltration membrane (MF) and gas separation membrane.


Precise slot-die coating module supported by powerful gap control system with micron-level accuracy. Optional EDI or Mitsubishi slot-die coating head to level up the product quality.

Equipped with air floatation dryer and guide roller dryer with high precison; Powerful air return system to achieve high energy utilization efficiency; Precise control of air flow and speed to ensure high efficiency and evenness for drying.

Automatic tension control system with high-precise roller, which prevent wrinkles and scratches of membrane during high speed production and contributes to excellent product quality. Tension diminishing is designed for rewinder to achieve flat and tidy rewinding.

PLC control system features for full production and quality control. Touch screen displays comprehensive operating parameters in real time and make the system easy to control, enabling the operator to have a synchronous monitor and control of all machine performance aspects. e.g. speed, tension control, online inspection, online help, alarm processing, production date backup, etc

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Web Width: 500-1067mm
Max Machine Speed: 22m/min (adjustable)
Coating Speed:0.5-20m/min (coating speed depends on the base material, coating formula and the technology for membrane production)
Diameter of Membrane Roll Paper Core & Installation method: 3″ ;Air shaft tightens the core on filling air
Unwinder/Rewinder Diameter: ≤Φ800mm 
Heating Method For Dryers And Water Tanks: Options of thermal oil, steam, electricity, natural gas with optional energy saving system

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