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This equipment is mainly produced by plate coating and compound production; the touch screen displays various operating parameters in real time, enabling the operator to synchronize the various parameters of the machine.

Multi-stage tension control of the whole machine, servo motor and variable frequency motor drive, run by PLC control system.

The film unwinding adopts a single station, and the other is a double station design.

The drying system is equipped with a closed oven.

Each traction roller, pressure roller and system are controlled by pneumatic components with high degree of automation.

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Basic parameters
Substrate Name PET
Substrate weight and thickness Film: 1.5μm
Substrate Width 650-970mm
Skin name Paper: Cotton paper
Surface Weight and Thickness Paper: 35-50 microns
Surface width 650-980mm
paint name glue and silicone oil
Coated areal density Dist weight 5-20g/m2
Coating solids content Glue: 5%-10% Silicone oil: 5‰
Specific coating weight g/cm3
Viscosity Glue 5-100 mPa.s
Temperature Room Temperature
Solvents Silicone: Gasoline Glue: Ethyl Acetate
machine parameters
Coating method Continuous extrusion coating; dimple coating
Coating Roll Width 1100 mm
Effective coating width 650-960
Machine Speed 150m/min
Coating speed 5-120 m/min
Power 380 V x 50 Hz, 3-phase (control power 220 V x 50 Hz, single phase), grounding resistance: ≤5Ω< /span>
Heating method heat-conducting oil, steam, electricity, natural gas optional; energy-saving system selection
Compressed air source 0.5 MPa (dry air), flow rate: 500L/min (user-owned)