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This machine is a new high-end product launched by our company to meet the market demand. The introduction of foreign similar technology, the whole machine adopts central computer control (PLC) system and man-machine interface operation. It is mainly used for precision coating of PVC, BOPP, PET, CPP, etc., and two or more layers to form a composite material with excellent characteristics. Suitable for high-grade decorative film such as home appliance film.


Unwinding department
The method adopts the method of supporting the coil without the shaft air top, and the coil is replaced at high speed without stopping.

Micro concave coating section
Coated with wire roller, the coating roller has a quick change function, separate drive control, closed scraper system; easy to disassemble.

Precision coated head
The comma bar method is adopted, and the coating roller has a quick replacement function; the single drive control has high precision of the tension control.

Drying section
The closed oven can be used for secondary air return to save energy, multiple return air, and there is a cyclone layout on the whole surface. From the inside and the table, the solvent is fully volatilized, the negative pressure design of the whole oven, the hot air does not blow out the oven, and the section is automatically thermostated. Control, the favorable solvent is fully volatilized, and the large wind speed can create a low-increasing wind speed drying mode. The front exhaust gas discharges the initial volatile solvent, and the exhaust gas does not participate in the secondary cycle to ensure safety. The oven lid is pneumatically opened.

UV device
Water cooling roller type is adopted to ensure uniformity of the whole surface; UV: high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp.

Composite device
The high-pressure combined force three-roller mode ensures uniformity of the whole surface of the pressing force. The separate driving and closed-loop tension control can ensure the same tension composite with the composite film, the finished product is flat, the precision hot roller temperature is automatically controlled by the heating system, the pressure of the pneumatic clutch mechanism is adjustable, and the clutch is adjustable. When the double-roller rolls are fast, the double rolls are automatically separated at the same time; the active preheating roll ensures that the composite film and the substrate are at the same speed, and the composite film and the substrate are composited at the same temperature without deformation and curling.

Cooling section
The water is cooled and forced to circulate, and the cooling effect is excellent.

Winding section
The shaft is supported by the shaftless air top method; the winding method is the active type of AC vector control, which can generate zero tension control, stable output at low speed and high speed, low friction cylinder tension detection, tension adjustment as function curve correction, rotation The frame is automatically flipped and positioned, and the unlocking function is provided in an emergency; the independent tension closed-loop control can generate a stable winding tension, and the central computer controls the man-machine interface operation to be linked with the host.

Tension system
The whole machine adopts programmable controller PLC control, man-machine interface operation, full closed-loop tension control system, high control precision, and does not affect tension when lifting speed.

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Main technical parameters
Maximum material width 1600mm
Maximum mechanical speed 100m/min
Unwinding diameter Ф750mm
Winding diameter Ф800mm
Retracting and unwinding paper core 3",6"
Retractable Reel Axleless Air Top
Coating method Dimple, comma scraper
Dimple coating amount 3~30g/m2
Comma Scraper Coating 10~100g/m2
Types of glue Dry composite adhesive
Solvents Ethyl acetate, MEK, TOL, etc.
Curing amount 20%~60%
Tension setting range 4~40kgf
Tensile Control Accuracy ±0.5kg
Maximum temperature in the oven 160°C
Drying method heat transfer oil, electric heating
Cooling water Pressure: 2-3kg/cm2; Temperature: 18-25°C
Compressed air source pressure 0.8Mpa≤P≤1.0Mpa (quiet) Flow: 500L/min
Types of substrates and composites
First unwinding material PET 18~180μm ; PVC 80~400μm
Second unwinding material PET 12~60μm ;PVC80~400μm ;
PE 30~150μm
and other films that have the same properties as the above materials