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HRTBFH-M Multifunctional Coating and Laminating Production line

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HRTBFH-M is the excellent solution to meet the demand of tailor-made production lines with high performance. It is equipped with fully integrated central computer control (PLC) system for setting with man-machine interface operation. Main processed materials are two-layer or multi-layer composite of multiple rolled film materials such as PVC, BOPP, PET, CPP, etc. It is suitable for high-grade decorative films such as home appliance films. 


Unwinder: Reel supported by shaftless gas cap with high-speed non-stop reel reloading.

Micro-concave coating part: Anilox roller coating with quick replacement function for coating roller;Independent drive control and closed scraper system; easy to disassemble

Precision coating head: Comma scraper method is adopted. Coating roller has quick replacement function. Independent drive control, which enables high accuracy of tension control.

Drying part: It adopts a closed oven, and utilizes recycled air to save energy. Multi-position to recycle air, with air layout across the whole width, from inside to outside, enabling full volatilization of the solvent. The negative pressure design of the oven, prevents hot air from being blown out of the oven. The segmented automatic constant temperature control is adopted for full volatilization of the solvent. In addition, the high wind speed can create a drying mode with wind speed gradually changing from low to high. The front exhaust discharge the initially volatilized solvent, and the waste gas doesn’t participate in secondary circulation, which ensures safety. Pneumatic opening is adopted for oven cover.

UV device: Water cooling roller is adopted to ensure the coating uniformity across the whole width.

UV: High pressure mercury lamp/metal halide lamp.

Laminating device: The high-pressure joint force three-roll type is adopted, which ensures uniform pressing force across the whole width. The independent drive and closed-loop tension control across the platform ensure layers of materials to be laminated under the same tension, which contribute to form a smooth finished product. The precision hot roll temperature is automatically controlled by the heating system. The pressure of pneumatic clutch mechanism is adjustable with quick clutching. The active preheat roller guarantees composite film and the substrate running at the same speed, so that while the composite film laminates with the substrate, no deformation or curling will occur. 

Cooling part: Forced water cooling circulation, with extremely excellent cooling effect.

Rewinder: The shaftless gas cap is adopted for supporting the reel; The rewinding utilizes active AC vector control to achieve zero tension control, which enables stable output regardless of low or high speed. The rewinder also features the following technology: low friction cylinder tension detection; function curve correction for tension adjustment; automatic flip for reversing frame positioning with unlocking function under emergency. Independent closed-loop tension control, which generates stable winding tension and the PLC system controls the man-machine interface to sync with the host

Tension system: PLC control system features for full production and quality control with touch screen displays. Full closed-loop tension control system ensures high control precision, and enables stable tension during speed increase/decrease.

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The main technical parameters
Web Width (Max):1600mm
Speed (Max):100m/min
Unwinder Diameter:  Ф750mm
Rewinder Diameter: Ф800mm
Unwinder/Rewinder Paper Core: 3",6"
Unwinder/Rewinding Roller: Shaftless gas cap 
Coating mode: Options of Micro-concave coating and Comma blade coating 
Coating weight/square metre (Micro-concave coating): 3~30g/m2
Coating weight/square metre (Comma blade coating): 10~100g/m2
Glue Type: Dry compound adhesive
Solvent: Ethyl acetate, MEK, TOL, etc.
Solidify Percentage: 20%~60%
Tension Setting Range: 4~40kg
Tension control accuracy: ±0.5kg
Dryer Inner Temperature (Max Degree): 160℃
Drying Method: Options of Thermal Oil, Steam or Electricity
Cooling Water Pressure: 2-3kg/cm2; Temperature: 18-25℃
Material specification of substrate and top layer 
1st unwinder: PET 18~180μm; PVC 80~400μm
2nd unwinder: PET 12~60μm; PVC 80~400μm; PE 30~150μm
Materials with similar characteristics are all suitable to be processed.

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