High-speed solvent-free laminating machine JNW-400L

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Key words:

Packaging complete equipment, new material coating equipment, water treatment membrane equipment

Product Consulting:

  • Product Description
  • Technical parameters
    • Commodity name: High-speed solvent-free laminating machine JNW-400L

    Tension control of rewinding servo motor, stable operation

    PLC centralized control, man-machine interface

    The pneumatic components of the whole machine adopt Japanese brand

    The unit and crosspiece are formed by deep processing of steel plate

    Substrate fracture detection device

    Key words:
    • 高速无溶剂复合机
    • 复合机
  • Printed Materials Rewinding tension: 40-250N
    printing color number 1-12 colors
    Printing width 850、1050、1250、1500mm
    Mechanical speed 220m/min
    Plate roller diameter Ф120mm-Ф300mm
    Rewind and unwind diameter F600mm 、 F800mm

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