Hydrogen energy diaphragm coating machine

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  • Product Description
  • Technical parameters
    • Commodity name: Hydrogen energy diaphragm coating machine

    This equipment is a new product customized by our company for the field of hydrogen energy. It is mainly suitable for the coating of composite diaphragm for hydrogen production from alkaline electrolyzed water.


    High precision slit extrusion coating structure, can choose EDI or Mitsubishi brand precision extrusion die, micron precision die gap control components.

    The special high-precision guide roller system effectively prevents film wrinkles, curls or surface scratches.

    Fully automatic tension control system with high-precision rollers to ensure that the film will not wrinkle, curl or scratch the surface when the machine is running at high speed. And to achieve tension taper (decreasing) winding, to ensure the quality of winding.

    The whole line is equipped with PLC and integrated man-machine interface control screen to operate and control the whole machine, including speed, tension control, online detection, online help, alarm processing and production parameter storage, etc. The operation is intuitive and convenient.

    Key words:
    • 氢能源隔膜
    • 氢能源
    • 碱性电解水制氢复合隔膜涂布
  • Name of substrate Non-woven fabric, mesh surface
    Substock width 500m,1100mm,2000mm,2500mm
    Roll diameter ≤ 800mm (optional double station, single station)
    Coating method Straight scrape coating, slot extrusion
    Effective coating area width 500-2400mm
    Maximum width of film coating 1100mm
    Maximum machine speed 10m/min
    Coating process speed 0.5-5m/min

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