HRTB-M series thermal composite coating machine (soft package lithium battery composite film)

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Packaging complete equipment, new material coating equipment, water treatment membrane equipment

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    • Commodity name: HRTB-M series thermal composite coating machine (soft package lithium battery composite film)

    The equipment is mainly suitable for film, aluminum foil, composite materials and other roll materials of hot-melt composite, double-sided continuous coating; to form a high-strength, stamping-resistant special composite material, used in the field of soft-packed lithium batteries.


    The touch screen displays various operating parameters in real time, so that the operator can synchronize the various parameters of the machine. Manual acceleration, deceleration control or automatic acceleration, deceleration control.

    The whole machine multi-segment tension control, the use of swing roller low friction cylinder energy storage, precision potentiometer feedback, vector motor drive, with high stability.

    The unwinding part: active unwinding mode, vector motor automatic tension control, both low speed and high speed have stable output, can produce stable tension, double station, with EPC can ensure that the edge of double unwinding neat.

    Pre-compound gluing: the gluing part of the screen roller is designed for non-shaft plate loading, which is convenient and quick to replace the printing plate roller. The scraper moves horizontally, the glue circulates automatically, and the whole machine has a high degree of humanity.

    The drying system is equipped with a closed drying oven with a secondary return air structure, high efficiency and energy saving, and air cooling after printing.

    Pre-compounding device: high-pressure resultant force type is adopted to ensure the uniformity of the whole width of the pressing force. Separate drive and closed-loop tension control can ensure the same tension compounding with the composite film. The finished product is smooth. The temperature of the precision hot roller is automatically controlled by the heating system. The air pressure clutch mechanism enables fast clutch.

    Thermal compounding device: three-roller gradient preheating is adopted, and separate driving can ensure the tension of the composite film, the finished product is smooth, and the temperature of the precision heat roller is electromagnetic heating, so as to ensure uniform heating of the whole width without deformation and curling.

    Cooling part: active surface line speed at the same speed, double cooling roller temperature control, to avoid tension changes.

    Double-sided coating: the use of micro-concave reverse coating; closed knife; continuous coating function; configuration of vertical double-sided oven.

    Winding department: the material roll is supported by inflatable shaft, with quick replacement and accurate centering; The winding mode is the active mode of AC vector control, which can generate zero tension control. It has stable output at low speed and high speed. Low friction cylinder tension detection, tension adjustment is function curve correction, rotary frame is automatically turned over and positioned, and unlocking function in case of emergency. Independent tension closed-loop control can generate stable winding tension, the man-machine interface operation is controlled by the central computer and linked with the host.

    Each traction roller, embossing, oven opening and closing, are controlled by pneumatic components, high degree of automation.

  • composite material Plastic film, aluminum foil, paper and other roll film materials
    number of composite layers Layer 2
    compound width 1050mm,1200mm,1500mm,1700mm
    Mechanical speed 120m/min
    unwinding diameter Ф600mm,Ф800mm
    winding diameter F800mm, F1000mm

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