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Talk about the development direction of the compound machine mainly from which several aspects

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Composite machine development direction of the first table now consider the following three aspects:

Frame structure: Whether to cut interest rates is still two or three times. Attention should be paid to cutting domestic factories. The frame structure is discussed. From cutting factories, more reasonable cutting machines are planned, cutting machines that disconnect and plagiarize are planned, and personalized slitting machines are planned. The score is different. The detailed structure of cutting materials is different. The competition in the international market of our wheel and the supply of film are favorable weapons are compared together.

At present, the domestic slitting machine automation level is still stuck in the middle and lower reaches of the level, although the use of domestic control components has been very extensive, the price is relatively cheap, but the use of cutting plant domestic depth level is far behind the developed countries, compound machine, especially in the control system and cutting machine structure, and reduce the shortage of materials organic link, at this level. This is a common problem faced by China's manufacturing industry, any machinery and equipment, in addition to planning reasonable also plead fine manufacturing industry, as well as the shortage of China's manufacturing industry in this field, in addition, manufacturing skills is a thin, production cutting equipment, in addition to some common machine tools, but also need some special equipment to manufacture cutting machines, dynamic balancing machines and other water cutting machines, etc. .. because the slitting machine manufacturing precision pleads high, so, some equipment needs to use CNC machine tools to process parts, especially to widely use the machining base, so that the machining accuracy of the equipment produced by the slitting machine can be fundamentally guaranteed. The laminating machine needs glue, perhaps the aluminum foil and plastic film with uniform material and ink attached to the surface may textile cloth, and the skill begs for higher coating. The laminating machine can not only persuade the coating to be highly uniform and constantly change the strength before it is put into production at high speed. Composite ink shorter suspension road transport ink, ink system drum material printing, gravure printing machine speed is higher, gravure plate making cycle is long, plate making cost is precious, suitable for large-scale production of labels. Laminating machine, laminating machine, cold lamination to apply external pressure, first of all through the joint diaphragm pressure-sensitive adhesive approach. Laminating machine cold joint * high suitable for thermal lamination of loose materials. Some inkjet printer inks, for example, when heat melts, and printers that use thermal paper to print, in these cases, the use of a cold laminator is the best choice. Accurate compounding machine cleaning blanket can extend its service life. Civilized production habits should be cultivated. After the product is sealed, rubber oil cloth, paper wool, sundries, ink marks, wet liquid, etc. should be cleaned with a blanket and mop in time. Rubber cloth to prevent compression deformation. In the offset press machine operation, the blanket and uniform compression, so do not occur compression deformation phenomenon. Composite coating machine is widely used in frozen food, monotonous food, medicine and daily necessities coating and composite packaging materials, composite machine can also be used for aluminum foil surface smooth transparent polyamide composite film, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, such as composite film has high strength, waterproof, breathable, oil-proof, can be frozen, steamed, boiled and so on.