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Brief Introduction to the Development Status of Lithium Battery Diaphragm Coating Industry

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Different kinds of separators are used in batteries of different application fields. At present, in the lithium ion battery system, the electrolyte is mostly an organic solvent system. Therefore, the lithium battery separator material is required to be chemically inert without reacting with the organic solvent or being corroded, and a high-strength polyolefin microporous membrane is generally used. In order to meet the requirements of power batteries with high energy density and high rate discharge, the research on modified lithium ion battery separator is increasing.

At present, the types of diaphragm materials on the market mainly include single-layer PP, single-layer PE, double-layer PP/PE, double-layer PP/PP and three-layer PP/PE/PP, etc. The first two types of products are mainly used in the field of 3C small batteries, and the latter types of products are mainly used in the field of power lithium batteries.

Among the diaphragm materials for power lithium batteries, the double-layer PP/PP diaphragm materials are mainly localized and mainly used in mainland China. This is mainly because Chinese companies have not yet made PP and PE into double-layer composite membranes. Technical barriers. The diaphragm used in the global automotive power lithium battery is mainly composed of three-layer PP/PE/PP, double-layer PP/PE and other diaphragm materials.

At the same time, new modified diaphragm material products are also emerging and began to achieve application, however, due to the small amount of high price, is currently mainly used in the field of lithium-ion power battery manufacturing. These products mainly include: PP ceramic single-sided coating, PE ceramic single-sided coating, coating treatment of polyester film, coating of heat-resistant polymer separation film and so on. The advantages of these modified coated separators are good heat stability, stable charge and discharge, long cycle life, and moderate mechanical strength.

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