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A brief description of the current situation and development direction of domestic gravure printing machine equipment

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In the past 20 years, China's gravure printing machine in the food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical development, health care products, cosmetics industry has developed rapidly, more and more demand. As of 2000, it accounted for about 10% in the printing industry; packaging and printing, the share of printing was 19%, mainly concentrated in the printing of flexible packaging materials and paper packaging printing. Almost all plastic films are printed without printing. At present, there are nearly 20 manufacturers with at least 8 - 3 imported printing production lines.

Although there are not a few printing plants in our country, at the beginning, the import of printing equipment accounted for nearly half of the domestic market. From 2001 to 2002 is a relative peak of China's imports of gravure printing machines, imports have increased significantly over the previous two years, while the quality of imported equipment has improved. According to incomplete statistics, from 2001 to 2002, China imported more than 20 gravure printing production lines from Europe.

So far, more than 420 gravure printing production lines have been introduced, including printing, compounding, slitting and bag making equipment. The printing speed of the multi-color gravure printing machine is generally 50 m/min or more.

The development of printing technology in China. In the 1980 s, facing the backwardness of China's packaging and printing, the development of packaging technology was improved, the rapid development of relevant departments, packaging and printing technology, and the progress of printing technology provided good conditions. After nearly 20 years of hard work, the current gravure printing process in China is more mature, better equipment, with a certain scale, its importance has become the second largest printing after lithography, China's printing industry occupies an important position.

According to incomplete statistics, China currently has a variety of intaglio printing machine manufacturers scale more than 50, China's annual production of intaglio printing machine a total of more than 500 sets of various specifications, as well as product specifications and basic facilities of the series, from the application in the packaging extended to other areas of products. * Large speed from 50% to 60 m/min to 12 degrees between ~ 150 m/min, then to 200 m/min, currently up to 2130~300 m/min.

Gravure printing machines and auxiliary equipment and a large number of components (tension control systems, control systems, ESA, rubber rollers, etc.) manufacturers, and the number is still increasing. After the printing press was completed, the degree of automation was continuously improved, and some products were close to the Japanese level.

Under the condition of increasing the number of imported equipment, domestic printing machine manufacturers, mainly production and sales, have made great progress in recent years. The intaglio printing press manufacturing industry in China is a landmark event of the introduction of Japan's Fuji assembly intaglio printing presses from 1994 to 1995, marking China's entry into the era of automatic or semi-automatic high-speed (greater than 120 m/min) intaglio printing presses. Second, 300 meters per minute was born in the domestic gravure printing machine 2003, marking that China has been able to manufacture high-speed gravure printing machine has entered a new stage.

Shaft-free technology is a kind of in the past 30 years, the gravure printing machine * significant progress, the shaft-free gravure printing machine is more than the traditional mechanical transmission gravure printing machine mainly has: high efficiency, energy consumption, low noise, high precision, high production flexibility, product replacement time is short, the amount of debugging waste is low.

Although domestic manufacturers have been trying to catch up with foreign companies in technology, but due to the operation of the extensive growth model, the development of domestic enterprises step by step to struggle. From the overall situation of domestic production of printing machine manufacturers, the development is mainly concentrated in the following issues:

More manufacturers.

A number of domestic printing machine manufacturers, the development speed is fast, the level is low, the overall technical level is low, the proportion of enterprises have a lower strength. China now has more than 50 gravure printing machine manufacturers, and there are more than this number of all gravure printing machine manufacturers at the 2000 Druba exhibition. China is: Shaanxi 11(21%), Guangdong 10(19%), Zhejiang 20(38%), Jiangsu 8(15%), except Beijing, Shandong, Hubei and Hebei at least one, the actual number may be more. Most of the gravure printing brush machine factory is located in the flexible packaging and printing factory concentrated area, some are actually synchronized with the development of flexible packaging factory area.

big gap

Chinese and Japanese technology is 10 to 15 years, part of its composition, the structure has reached the level of Japan in the 90 s, and the gap with South Korea equipment is relatively small. Compared with European products, domestic printing presses have a big gap. The reason is that European devices have reached higher speeds, and more powerful features have a more important position in the world market. Compared with the international superior level of manufacturers, the domestic full technical level of the printing press at least 20 years. The level of internationalization of the market is at least 30 years.

serious pollution

In offset printing, flexographic printing and printing of the 3 major printing, printing caused the * serious pollution. In order to reduce pollution, foreign printing industry has taken effective measures and achieved good results. For example, it will eliminate the heavy pollution process of carbon paper corrosion intaglio: in the pretreatment of printing plate cylinder and the production process of spraying corrosion intaglio and electronic engraving intaglio, the treatment of waste will be strengthened to reduce the pollution in intaglio printing or production. in the late 1990 s, water-based intaglio printing ink and intaglio printing ink have been successfully developed for all water I ~ EIA, and plastic film printing ink, this is the main reason why foreign gravure printing cannot maintain its market share of 15%. China is currently in the manufacture of waste treatment process pretreatment and gravure printing plate cylinder body: printing development is slow, paper or plastic film gravure printing or gravure printing ink, EIA imported water because the price is too high, basically still use solvent-based gravure ink.

Reduced exports

Most of the domestic printing presses are only in the domestic market, and exports have just begun. Domestic machine is the product size of small and medium-sized enterprises, a small number of equipment began to receive the attention of large and medium-sized printing enterprises, has begun to enter the international market.

At present, China has a small amount of equipment exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, taking a step to the international market. Clear thinking, catch up with the international face of international challenges, China's printing press industry must recognize the situation, take responsibility. From the current domestic counterparts "fighting in the nest" gradually change with foreign competitors, explore new ideas, to catch up with the world's better level (mainly Europe), and strive to become a better manufacturer. Promoting China is now in the gravure printing machine manufacturing enterprises, especially the organizational structure of enterprises is mostly olive type, that is, the middle of the two heavy light: almost entirely by the enterprise internal production of the product part, the proportion is too large; and determine the enterprise product development ability and marketing, customer service service is too weak the proportion is too small. This will weaken the competitiveness of products, organizational adjustment, will change the olive-type business model for dumbbell-type business model, that is, enterprises have only a few parts production and assembly, and a large proportion of parts production to the community, by the community and manufacturers to undertake, in product development and marketing focus on customer service, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Do not pursue the future of gravure printing machine simply understood as the pursuit of high speed, multi-color, high stability, short version and humanization, environmental protection in product design, the pursuit of personalization, and modularization and intelligence in product structure.